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lthough we have always been a self-funded organization, covering all of the costs involved in our wildlife rescue & rehabilitation operations out of our own earnings & savings, we are always thankful to receive external funding, or assistance with materials. Asking for help however, is not something that comes naturally to us; and we have resolved to never reach (as other wildlife centres have), a position where the ability to properly maintain those wild animals in our care, becomes conditional upon external support. However, a little more funding would certainly permit us the flexibility to provide additional, or enlarged, enclosures. That would then allow us to consider accommodating further wildlife patients. If you are in a position to support us with even a small donation, then it would certainly be much appreciated and be put to very good use ... if not, then we understand ... but if you could support us financially without it costing you anything (and while perhaps even saving you money on your own domestic or business costs), would you have any reason not to? Please take just a few minutes to review the fundraising options we have come up with, and see if you can help us.
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