Operational Range

Normally, we serve Aberdeen, Deeside & Donside, but can sometimes travel to collect casualties from outside these areas when necessary.
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hilst occasionally an animal in need of our assistance will have succumbed to an entirely natural occurrence, in most circumstances what has befallen them is attributable directly or indirectly to some human activity, or to mankind's built environment. At Valley Forge NWR, we consider our dedication to sick, injured, disabled, displaced or orphaned wildlife, to be simply redressing the balance of nature, or sometimes even obligatory in fulfilment of natural justice. Conservation is not central to what we are about however, as our efforts here are directed always towards individuals of any species, rather than with concern for that species as a whole, or for biodiversity in general. As a first aid and recovery centre, we act specifically to save, extend and enhance lives, returning only fully repaired and recuperated casualties to their natural existence in the wild. If that should not be a viable option, then we continue to support any disabled or imprinted creature in as natural an environment as possible, for the remainder of its life span. Always ensuring no animal suffers while within our care, we have learned by experience that many wild-born creatures do readily settle here into the familiar routines and the safe comforts of our close protection. In fact, the tranquil, unperturbed demeanour of those birds & mammals that are now permanent residents here, can help to settle frightened new arrivals (of kindred or naturally compatible species), often sooner than might be the case without their calming presence, so expediently assisting the process of rehabilitation for the releasable casualties.
Wildlife Rescue
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