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Wildlife Rehabilitation
ildlife rehabilitation is the term used to encapsulate the many processes and techniques used in rescuing, fostering, arranging the veterinary medical care, and providing for all other needs of sick, injured, displaced, or orphaned wild animals, for the purpose of returning them to their natural habitats. Before release, each rehabilitated animal must be able to function independently, be able to recognize and obtain appropriate natural foods, identify with & select mates of their own species in order to reproduce, and demonstrate appropriate & proportionate reactions to potential dangers ... adverse weather, people, road traffic, predators (including cats & dogs), etc. Wildlife rehabilitation has come a long way within a relatively short time, largely due to innovations in technology and in particular, the comparative ease now in being able to acquire & share information and knowledge. Ready access to scientifically-valid knowledge, via the internet and a wide range of published works, now makes it more easily possible for wildlife rehabilitators to provide professional levels of medical care, housing, nutrition, captivity management & release conditioning, while preserving both the quality of life and the wild integrity of the individuals in their care. At Valley Forge NWR, we have learned to draw from many different disciplines, and  recognize that practising wildlife rehabilitation to a proper, professional standard, requires extensive knowledge & skills in: wildlife species identification, natural history of British wildlife species, wildlife behaviour, wildlife handling, nutrition,  parasite control, diseases & zoonoses, veterinary first aid & medicine, aviary & housing design & construction, plus expertise in many other areas, not least of which are clarity in communication, patience, perseverance, and diplomacy in dealing with those people requiring supportive help with wildlife.
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