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Wildlife Refuge
ot every wildlife casualty rescued and taken into care survives ... and not every casualty recovers well enough to be considered fit for release, even after their injuries have been treated and have otherwise healed. Valley Forge NWR was set up especially to provide long term care for wild birds for whom there remains some lasting disability (typically irreparable wing damage, or perhaps a visual impairment), which would severely diminish their ability to survive independently in the wild. We determined a long time ago that the likelihood of a bird casualty never again being able to fly, is generally not sufficient reason for it to be put to immediate death, without attempting to help it regain as much function as possible ... nor, once the injury has healed, need such an impairment necessarily become a permanent source of suffering for the inflicted bird ... but only where the appropriate degree of care, within an appropriate environment, can be provided. For wild birds affected in this way, our rehabilitation procedures involve allowing them to come to terms with their particular handicap within a fully supportive environment, and so develop their full potential by adapting to life in purpose-built aviary enclosures that have been designed & specifically furnished for their individual needs. Our permanent wildlife residents, because they are now familiar with our routines and comfortable in the presence of their human carer(s), in return play an important role here in helping reassure & calm new arrivals of compatible species, who may temporarily share the same or adjoining enclosures during the period of rehabilitation leading up to their release.  
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