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"... a daimen icker in a thrave 's   a sma' request ..."  Excerpt from 'To A Mouse' by Robert Burns (1759-1796)

None too lowly ...

We are particularly experienced in the techniques of hand-rearing new born mammals, and hatchling & fledgling birds. Although we cannot always accommodate some wildlife casualties due to practical space or time constraints, we have always prioritized in favour of neonates and youngsters.
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We are however only a small, self-funded facility, and so can comfortably accommodate on any long-term basis, only woodland/riparian/farmland birds and small mammals; however, that has already tended to cover many of the resident species that we encounter here daily.
The long-term maintenance of Scotland's biodiversity & the global conservation of wild species are wider aims which we support in essence, but our prime concern here and now remains the provision of shelter & assistance for those individual wild creatures that might benefit from our experience, our time and our care.
Consequently, that requires from us a pragmatic, non-sentimental, yet compassionate responsibility for our local environment, together with a total commitment to each living thing that shares it with us.
Here, we are concerned with simply trying to live in close harmony with nature, and not in unnecessary conflict with it.
So we never discriminate against any creature in need, just because it may be  of a meantime common, non-endangered species, or one belonging to what    some may presently label as a 'pest species'.
ive decades of experience in wildlife rescue & rehabilitation has taught us that the transitory energy we recognize as 'life' is intrinsically the same (and so for us seems logically deserving of equal respect), no matter how humble the body that happens to be wrapped around it.