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  he logo of Valley Forge Native Wildlife Refuge is styled upon an enigmatic symbol found carved on several Pictish standing-stones that are unique to North East Scotland. This ‘notched-rectangle & Z-rod’ symbol is rendered in a burnished-metal effect, to reflect the ‘Forge’ name of our organization. This symbol defines not only our geographical location, but also our cultural heritage within this region. The greenfinch & wood mouse pairing represents our emphasis on the rehabilitation of bird & mammal species of woodland habitat, and also pays fond homage to individuals of these species who were among our first long-term residents, when we first relocated to Valley Forge. The gean (Prunus avium) spring blossom and the cluster of autumnal leaves reinforce our woodland setting, denote the biological ‘cycle of life’ and together represent the seasonal span that tends to be busiest for us as wildlife carers. The included ‘serpent & Z-rod’ symbol is of similar Pictish origin, and is the adopted logo of our sister organization, wildlife999.org.  Pictish symbols of this class typically appear in pairs.